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Advertise with us

Jagruti Sandesh

  • One small news paper ad cost much more than one half page color ad in Jagruti Sandesh.The news paper gets old within first 30 minutes of the day.Jagruti sandesh lives on full month.
  • One full page ad in any commercial magazine costs lakhs of rupees and these commercial magazines are eyed suspiciously by readers because of they are doing business. Where as one full page ad in Jagruti Sandesh costs few thousands and readers takes close look at the advertisers with curiosity. The reader of Jagruti Sandesh also develops a respect for Patrons as the reader knows that by advertising the Patron is supporting their favorite magazine.
  • The "Shelf Life" is the highest for Jagruti Sandesh compared to any other media. The TV ad gets old within seconds, the newspaper gets old within 30 minutes, the film magazine gets old in one day, the business magazine gets old in two day at the most. But Jagruti Sandesh lives on full month.
  • Jagruti Sandesh commands lot of respect amongst readers as it is organization sponsored and naturally the advertising Patron gets the share of this respect in the same price which they are spending for an ad. No other magazine can offer such advantages.
  • The "Reach"of this magazine is direct to the target population with extraordinary spending powers.

Advertisement Rates and Sizes For Jagruti Sandesh

Page Commercial Advertising
Matrimonial Advertising
Quarter Page
( Black & White )
2000 1000 height 11 cm & width 8.5 cm
Half Page
( Black & White )
3000 2000 Vertical ‐ height 22 cm & width 8.5 cm
Horizental ‐ height 12 cm & width 18 cm
Full Page
( Black & White )
5000 4000 height 22 cm & width 18 cm
Full Page
( Color )
9000 7000 height 22 cm & width 18 cm
Inside Full Page
12000 11000 height 22 cm & width 18 cm
Last Cover Page
15000 15000 height 22 cm & width 18 cm
Important Notes :

Advertising Rates can be changed without any prior notice .
Above Rates are valid till 01‐04‐2014 to 31‐03‐2015.
Advertisement will be given to us as Corol Draw Open file, Font CC