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JJC Website

Jain Jagruti was brought in to existence in year 1975.Today after 36 years of successful operation; JJC is now a big Family with 65000 members and 172 Centres worldwide. The original thought behind promoting JJC was to bring various sections and factions of Jains under one roof. Today, everyone knows and believes that JJC collects the monies from members as membership fees and spends that amount solely for the members, for their entertainment or for their welfare. JJC has carved out niche place for itself in heart of public at large and other communities are well impressed of JJC and the activities carried out under the banner. JJC Website, an opportunity to connect to the effluent populations of Jains worldwide. Everyone prefers to visit website today to know more about any organization. Average Indian uses mobiles, Tablets, computers to access internet for information and knowledge. Internet and Google rules the world and all boundaries of countries, continents and states have merged in to a single community called "Internet". We at JJC had anticipated this revolution long back and today JJC has centralized all its activities on

JC started in year 2005 as a tool to connect wide spared membership base. JJC Website created the connection between members by providing news and information of various JJC centre’s activities. JJC Website established itself as useful, meaningful by providing full fledge information on other related social subjects besides the activities carried out by JJC Centres. The JJC member started visiting website to satisfy his curiosity of knowledge on different topics. The turning point for JJC website came when Central Board decided to put "ONLINE APPLICATION SYSTEM" for its higher Education Assistance Project. Now almost everyone right from students aspiring for loans, their parents, relatives, other members, other viewers started visiting JJC Website in order to know more and more about JJC.

Please take a look at following potential of where daily traffic of viewers is assured.

  • Official JJC website with automatic endorsement of JJC to any patron advertising on website.
  • All JJC centres worldwide visit the website to check their mails and upload the activities done by them.
  • The centralization of all JJC activities, literatures, important downloads, attracts daily visitors to the website.
  • Direct integration with Fcaebook where more than 2000 friends are registered on Jain Jagruti page and JJC Central Board page.
  • Lot of traffic of members, students, parents, general viewers thru out the year.
  • The website is online 24hrs x 365 days providing continuous exposure to any patron advertising.
  • The hosting of the website is on our own hired server ensuring 100% Up-Time thru out the year.
  • The website is well designed with professional outlook to attract all types of viewers.
  • JJC Website reaches to the heart of JJC members with spending power of more than Rs.55 crores every month. These figures are ever growing.
  • JJC Website is a connection between 65000 members and 172 centres. These figures are ever growing.
  • JJC website is backed by IT team and professional agency maintains the website under the guidance of JJC Central Board.
  • JJC website does not charge professional rates for advertising.
  • The patrons advertising with this website will get indirect endorsement of JJC brand at a very negligible cost.
  • JJC website can deliver target market to the Patrons. The website offers excellent returns to the Patron on their invested monies. The investment in ad charges by Patrons in paltry compared to any media. Low investment and high win deal…

Why advertise on JJC Website?

  • Continuous exposure with infinite reach at a negligible cost thru out the year.
  • Only 3 Ad banners to be given away ensuring exclusivity in respective field. For example only one Travel Agency will be given a space at a yearly cost. If agreed upon mutually than JJC will not invite any other company or agency from the same field.
  • Ad banners on each and every page of the website to ensure 100% exposure to the Patron, no matter where the general visitor will go on the website.
  • The content of the Ad Banner can be changed periodically and as per the requirement of the Patron.
  • We will also provide a link on the Ad Banner which will open the advertising Patron's website when a visitor clicks on the link.
  • Facebook integration and periodic announcements of offers from Patrons can appear on our pages at Facebook.
  • The "Shelf Life" is the highest for JJC Website compared to any other media. The TV ad gets old within seconds, the newspaper gets old within 30 minutes, the film magazine gets old in one day and the business magazine gets old in two day at the most. But ad on JJC Website lives for full year.
  • JJC Website commands lot of respect amongst viewers and visitors as it is organization sponsored and naturally the advertising Patron gets the share of this respect at much lesser price which they are spending for a newspaper or a magazine Ad, No one can offer such advantages.
  • The "Reach" of this website is direct to the target population with extraordinary spending powers.
  • Last but not the least: Monies gathered by JJC helps to fulfill Educational aspirations of the students and JJC does not create corpus, JJC believes in distributing systematically to the needy students.

Mutual Advantages Perceived on association of your company

  • Due to "Online application system" for Higher Education, thousands of students visit JJC website everyday and any Educational Institute will get viewership by advertising.
  • JJC website is integrated with JJC pages on Facebook and many students and their family members are on JJC pages.JJC has more than 2000 “Friends” on Facebook page and these numbers are evergrowing.
  • Patron will get direct endorsement of JJC brand as we will not entertain any other educational institute for the contract period of One Year. Total exposure guaranteed.
  • We will offer extra banner to Patron on the main page of the Online Application System.
  • We will also offer exposure to Patron on every section of the website. We hope that above detailed information will help you to take decision on long term association with JJC. We can discuss the matter of yearly charges at your convenience.

For Advertisement on, please contact Secretary, Uday Sanghvi on or on : +91-9820013861 / +91-9320013861