Central Board


Jain Religion, like other religion, is also divided into various Sects. JJC is helping in bringing unity amongst all this Sects. JJC is trying to bring them all on a similar ground. JJC is tyring to promote knowing each others, brotherly hood and unite all with love and affection. JJC has become a media in social, educational & financial areas to promote its goals.

Jain Jagruti Centre is started on 26th july,1975. And Jain Jagruti Centre Central Board established on 26th Jan,1981.

Though Jain Jagruti Centre is of Jains but in reality its for all (non Jains too). JJC has become a prime body in servicing society at various levels in today's time. In just 28 years life span it has successfully opened 172 centres with 65000 members. JJC has attain a self reliance and mellowness.

Different JJC centres plans and organizes Jain Tatva Parishad, Lectures on various religious topics in Paryushan, various Information Semesters, Rangoli Competition, Talent Contest, Acknowledgements to Tapasvis, selling of Notebooks at discounted rate, Lectures on computers and physical science, various Scholarships and prizes, scholarship to post graduation course by trust, Pad Yatras, Darshan Yatras and aslo various tours.

Thus JJC is not just for entertainment and lunch & dinner parties but also for the betterment of society by planning and organizing the social, educational and financial activities. And that is why whenever a new centre is opened it has always been overwhelmed and overflowed by new members before the time limit for membership.


To create a unified, multi-purpose,unbiased platform for any and all Jains worldwide which will help to bring about transformation within the Jain community to gather Jain community under one umbrella by means of providing neat,clean and exciting entertainment.


To design ways and means for the betterment of Jain Community and help any and all Jains to lead happy and prosperous life.